Should I be afraid of NPP and what is NPP?

Should I be afraid of NPP and what is NPP?

what is npp

What is npp? NPP is a steroid that is used to recover from workouts, and to increase muscle mass. NPP can be taken at any time – before training, and after.

Any novice athlete, sooner or later, is faced with a situation where microelements and calories that he gets with normal food are not enough. Even after intensive training, progress is not visible, or it is small. Muscle mass may also stop growing. That’s when the question of buying NPP comes up, but security doubts also arise.

NPP consists of proteins and carbohydrates and is sold as a powder. It is also worth knowing what is npp and is based on natural products, so you can forget about the myths that sports supplements are chemistry.



Yes, individual intolerance can be, but to avoid allergic reactions, you should carefully study the composition, because the allergy will not be on Nandrolone P itself, but simply on one of the components. Npp is a huge amount, and if a person has lactose intolerance, then he can easily choose and buy NPP without undesirable components. If, after taking Phenylpropionate, abdominal problems started – diarrhea, bloating, you need to change the dosage or change the NPP.

NPP cycle is very popular among bodybuilders, thanks to the fact that it helps to quickly gain muscle mass. But if the athlete is prone to fullness, and began to take NPP dosage week, then with the wrong dosage will grow muscles and fatty tissue. For some, Nandrolone is worth replacing NPP, it also helps to gain muscle mass. Let not so quickly, but without increasing the mass of adipose tissue.


Also, many novice athletes are interested in the effect of Npp steroids on potency. No one knows where this myth came from. As mentioned above – the Npp test consists of proteins and carbohydrates and is made only from natural products. What is npp that can adversely affect the potency is not clear. Given the effect of the gene, the effect on the potency is more likely to be positive.


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