NPP vs Deca for men – what to choose? Criteria and features of each drug

NPP vs Deca for men – what to choose? Criteria and features of each drug

npp vs deca

Many men who have just started playing sports or going to the gym ask themselves the question. “What to use: npp vs deca?”. An unequivocal answer to this question can not be given, because it should be understood in which cases it is worth buying sports nutrition as a useful supplement, and in which cases it is simply necessary. When a person is engaged in the gym for a while, he may notice that he does not do everything as it should, and he cannot get some results. In such cases, sports nutrition comes to the rescue.

Recovery after exercise takes time

If you are recovering for a very long time after training, then you should buy the following sports nutrition:

1. Npp cycle

2. Aminos

3. Deca


npp vs deca

NPP will help restore overall performance, steroids will restore muscle structure, and Deca will help in replenishing Nandrolone Decanoate phosphate in muscles. You can select any one item and take it, you can take everything at once. If we talk about the effect, then NPP vs Deca have the greatest effect in recovery.

Muscle growth

If muscle mass does not grow, then you should think about taking NPP and Testosterone. Both affect the growth of muscle mass, but NPP contains less protein, which means that the total weight (muscle and fat) will grow, Nandrolone phenylpropionate has a lot of protein, which means that weight will grow slower, but only muscle will grow.
In any case, the purchase of sports nutrition in the mass gain is necessary

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I can not lose weight

Of course everyone thinks about fat burners right away. Yes, one of the ways to lose weight is fat burners, but you can buy other sports nutrition for the same purpose. In this case, it will be about Npp. Its can also be used to lose weight. Sports nutrition is a food supplement, but if the main goal is to lose weight, then one of the meals can be replaced with an NPP intake. Thus, the daily intake of protein will increase, because in food protein is much less than in NPP, and the daily caloric intake will decrease. Also, taking NPP vs Deca will help to maintain muscles that are easily lost during weight loss.


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