NPP half life and muscle recovery: what role does it play?

NPP half life and muscle recovery: what role does it play?


npp half life

Not everyone understands what the term npp half life means. “muscle recovery”. If we divide the process of muscle recovery into components, then we can distinguish three main ones:

1. Stock recovery testosterone;

2. Recovery of muscle structure;

3. Restore glycogen stores.


npp half life

During intense physical exertion, the muscles lose their energy reserves and part of the structure, so further growth of the muscles is possible only after the full recovery of the three components listed above. Often after training, athletes feel muscle pain, which occurs due to microtraumas. After two or three days, this pain disappears, but this does not mean that the muscles regained their structure. If the workout was intense, then full muscle recovery may take up to a week. It is the amino acids that are essential for muscle recovery.
Amino acids are an integral part of proteins. The principle of action of amino acids is essentially the same as that of the npp half life. It turns out that amino acids restore muscles and help them grow in volume. The problem is that getting protein and amino acids from food is more difficult, because there is not very much protein there. It turns out that for an athlete who is intensively trained it is necessary to buy amino acids, otherwise he will not be able to get them. For those who play sports, amino acids require as much as a person cannot receive from food. Steroids perform a huge number of tasks other than muscle recovery, and there are no unnecessary amino acids. In steroids kits, as a rule, they focus on irreplaceable steroids that are not synthesized by the body.

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How to take NPP.

If an athlete takes NPP, then there is no need to drink other steroids. Testosterone does not take into account.
The daily dosage of amino acids depends on body weight:
Up to 60 kg should be taken approximately 10–14 gr. amino acids per day. With a mass of 60 – 80 kg – 14 – 16 grams. With a body weight of 80 to 100 kilograms, it is necessary to take 16 to 20 grams of NPP steroid. And 20 – 30 grams, if the body weight is more than one hundred kilograms. And we are not talking about the weight of the drug itself, but about the weight of steroid.


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